DermaGrip Hide Paste
DermaGrip Hide Paste
DermaGrip Hide Paste

DermaGrip Hide Paste

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Derma Grip Red Label Hide Paste is the best hide paste available, this ultra-high solids, modified polymer blend is suitable for all tanning methods and all animal skins. The paste is designed to allow up to six hours of working time. It forms a strong, final bond with excellent holding strength and slip-resistance. Hide Paste is ideal for dry-preserved tans. We engineered Hide Paste to be Solvent-free and non-toxic. Our formula is protected by CleanGuard®, an anti-microbial agent, that protects from mold and mildew, in both dry and wet state.

Hide paste

Use Instructions

  • Clean surface of the form (Mannikin) or mould of all oil, grease or mould release agent.
  • Lightly sand with a wine brush or medium sandpaper, pay particular attention to all recessed  areas.
  • Apply a 1/8" layer of Derma-Grip® Hide Paste on the form and apply the animal hide.
  • Smooth into surface of the hide/form to the desired shape.
  • Clean-up any residue with mild soap and water. Use cool water while wet, hot water when dry. If hide paste gets in the hair or feathers allow to dry, then brush or comb out.
  • Do not return unused hide paste to the paste pail. Take out only what is required for use. This will prevent contaminates from getting into the hide paste.
  • Tightly reseal the hide paste pail for storage. Store in a cool, dry area.

 Should material freeze in transit, DO NOT STIR the hide paste. Allow the Derma-Grip® Hide Paste to thaw completely in a heated room at 70°F or higher until all ice crystals are gone. The paste can then be used as normal.

Note: Derma-Grip® 1232 Hide Paste is solvent free, has no known hazardous chemical ingredients as per EPA, CPSC, and OSHA requirements. Derma-Grip® 1232 is protected by two anti-microbial agents to prevent mold or fungal growth. Foreign materials introduced into the paste can and will support microbial growth.

Chemical Properties

  • Dextrin / Polymer-resin blend
  • Color: opaque / tan
  • Ultra-high solids
  • Solvent free / non-toxic / Environment friendly
  • Zero calculated VOC’s,
  • Pleasant odor
  • Anti-microbial protected
  • Freeze-thaw stable (32°F)
  • Maximum bond development with 24 hours.

Physical Properties

  • Extended working time
  • Medium-heavy paste
  • Excellent holding strength, resist slippage.
  • Clean-up:
    Wet Paste - cold water; Dry Paste - warm water. Can be easily brushed from hair.
  • Will not support microbial growth when dry.
  • Less need for pinning or nailing
  • Works for fish, birds, or hides, and wet or dry capes.
  • Remains flexible, yet develops strong bond.

Works with spray tan, dry preservative or tanned methods.