Fin and Fish Coat

Fin and Fish Coat

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Fin and Fish Coat is a fast-drying, proprietary polymer that provides a strong, yet flexible protective film. The clear, high-gloss finish is ultra-resistant to yellowing from UV rays, and can be used as the final top coat over the entire fish. Fin and Fish is Solvent-free and non-toxic.

Fin and Fish

Use Instructions

  • Clean the fish and fin surface to be coated with alcohol to remove natural oils, grease or other contaminants.
  • Paint the cleaned area with a light coating and allow to dry before applying second coat.
  • Allow the coated fins or skin surfaces to dry untouched for a minimum of 24 hours before proceeding with the mounting process.
  • The Fin and Fish coat can be over-sprayed for more dramatic effects when using other solvent free paint colors.
  • Once dry and cured, the Fin and Fish Coat adds significant strength, high gloss and resistance to yellow aging to all coated surfaces.

Meets all current environmental standards for VOC emissions as established by the national EPA, CPSC and OSHA.  FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY, KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN


  • Color: Wet - white
    Dry - water clear.
  • UV resistant
  • Dry tack free
  • Very strong film, yet flexible.
  • Can be used as clear adhesives.
  • Will not support bacteria or fungi growth.
  • Dries extremely fast
  • Spreads smooth, evenly, no fish eyes.