Nose and Hoof Paint

Nose and Hoof Paint

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Nose and Hoof Paint is a solvent-free, proprietary polymer compound that dries fast to a strong, tack-free and scuff-resistant finish. Flexible surface will not alter the appearance or feel of nostrils and hooves.  Nose and Hoof Paint dries clear to a high-gloss finish. Application of the coating makes the surface UV resistant and prevents yellowing (10-yr. minimum).

Use Instructions

  • De-grease nose or hoof surface using mild detergent or alcohol to remove grease, oils or other foreign material.
  • After the nose or hoof has dried completely, apply first coat liberally. Allow to dry for 2 hours minimum before applying second coat. Gloss increases with multiple coats.
  • Allow the nose or hoof to crosslink for a minimum of 24 hours before proceeding with mount.

The Nose and Hoof Paint dries extremely tough yet remains flexible. It will not change the realness of nostrils or hoofs as to feel or appearance.